On a world without hope where colour is a crime...

What do you do when everything you believe turns out to be a lie?

The land of Sindorus is in serious trouble. Ongoing droughts are destroying the farm lands and the desert keeps spreading ever further.

And it's not just Nature that is fading away.

The Northerner regime of the Za-Har have held the land in oppressive terror for so long that most of the people have forgotten how to feel or think. This is a world where colour is seen as a corrupting influence and all personal freedoms have been stripped from society. Owning a coloured object will see you sent away for Correction and dealing in colours carries the death sentence. At one time the Southern-based rebels hadtried to fight back, but they've been crushed or sent fleeing to the far South. Now nothing stands in the way of the Za-Har; just like the desert their power edges outwards ever further.

But not everyone has given up hope...

Someone out there has a plan to awaken others, but in order to do that he first has to challenge them, force them to the very edge of despair and even terrify them into seeing the colours and the truths that most people have long forgotten.

First Light and Wisdoms of the Light

are mystery stories set on the Sci-Fi Steampunk world of Sindorus. They have been described as Magic Realism, Metaphysical or Visionary Fiction.

"I fell in love with this author on reading First Light, and eagerly awaited the sequel. I am not disappointed. Beautifully written, her poignant, memorable characters draw you into a tale filled with the struggle for freedom and balance. Satisfying to the mind, heart, and soul.." 

By Wendy Barlow Eldredge - Published on Amazon.com

"I read the first book by this author (First Light) and found it to be intriguing, fresh and insightful. I heartily recommend it. However, the second book exceeds the first book tenfold. How rare it is to read a sequel that is so much better than the first effort! I found it to be immensely entertaining. The characters are so unique, yet so real, it is as if they truly exist and you care deeply about their challenging lives. You MUST know what will happen next, as each page brings events you could not have expected; and that is the epitome of a fine story."

By Dennis - Published on Amazon.com

"From the very first page you are taken on a journey immersed with completely believable characters who take root in your heart and won't let go. Their story is captivating, other-worldly, timely, deeply moving... with subplots and nuances of wisdom from the heart of this writer that will keep you coming back to the words on the page time and again. Highly recommend!

A fine example of excellent writing and storytelling. Brilliant!" 

By Mimi Lenox - Published on Amazon.com

About the Author

Michelle Frost has written two books, several award winning short stories and poems, a newspaper advice column and far too many blog posts. She is a proud member of Blogblast for Peace and the Visionary Fiction Alliance.