Wisdoms of the Light

Above the dark streets of the city in the hour before dawn, a single figure stands waiting by an open window. Her fingers drum the window ledge, but the city is indifferent to her impatience. She waits unseen and unknown.

A whisper of air brushes her face as bubbles of almost-sound tickle her skin. She smiles and holds out her hands...

When Idrith escapes from Amyth monastery with Daen, he thinks their troubles are over, but the past will not leave them alone. There are secrets still to be uncovered in the lost city of Aerdas, and this time it will take a young Southerner to set things in motion. And it all begins with a song.

From the Southern village of Herth to the oppressive North, where the despotic Zah-Riel rules through fear, the world of Sindorus is about to undergo an extreme transformation. A long journey lies ahead, for all the Septar seven. It will take them to dark places, more dangerous than they ever imagined.

Follow the colours of your soul.

"An intricate tapestry of a story that has not one loose thread. Powerful, disturbing and yet beautifully inspiring."